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Order Service: NT/Light Novels, Manwha

I've decided to open a service for getting NT/Light Novels and Manwhas to those who are having troubles getting them. Prices will be in $USD and it will be expensive than getting it directly from Korea because of the currency exchange and the price from the online shop.

ALL BOOKS ARE IN KOREAN(Not Japanese or English!)

Please comment on this post or send email to geminis127[at]
No order deadline until furthur notice.

Accepting payment through Paypal and AlertPay

Order Form:
lj Nick:
Paypal/AlertPay address:(Please mention if it's Regular CC payment or Personal->Gift; for PP only)
Book Titles/Authors: (In Korean if possible)

If you are asking for any 19 above books, I will be asking you if you were born at least after 1991.
Also, in this case, the paypal owner must be you, not anyone else.(The Names have to be identical)
If not, please give me a proof that you are at least 19.


Book Price(1st Deposite)
Shipping to my place(See information below)
Commission Fee(See information below)
Shipping to your place(See information below)

I will be asking for the Full price for the books before ordering.
(Price of the books will given to you after I find them available)

Regular CC payment will include paypal fee of 2.9%+$0.30(USA) or 3.9%+$0.30(International)
For AlertPay, there will also be some fees so please keep in mind

Commission Fee:
$5 / NT&Light Novels
$3 / Manwha&Mangas
*if asking for regular novels, please ask me for the fees

Shipping Price:
Shipping to me - (Total Shipping) / (# of books) * (# of your books)
Shipping to you - USPS Priority Shipping.

Please refer this page if you are international.

Please feel free to comment on post or send email to geminis127[at] for any questions.
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